Does your cup of coffee
tricks? ours does...

Our cup of coffee buys jerseys for hockey teams
 and helps with important medical research.

It does things that help other people.

How about that? 

that's a smart cup of coffee...

What we do

We roast the smartest coffee anywhere

When we speak about a SMART cup of coffee, we speak about what coffee can do when you put it to work in your community. Nearly everybody drinks coffee.
So, what if you could leverage all of those purchases for something that matters to you?

Well now you can ... Using what we call the SMART cup of coffee.

That's what ShareHaus Coffee is all about. We put top notch coffee to work for you.

What if... you could leverage a modern coffee roasting facility to bring about change that matters to you?
What would you do?

Would you set out to change the world?

Are you part of a community? We all are, and it's our greatest strength. That community can work together to shape it's own future as well as yours. As long as there is community there is hope.

What if... you could leverage a modern coffee roasting facility to bring about change that matters to you?
What would you do? 
What could you do with ShareHaus Coffee?


Maybe you have a huge community of followers that are willing to join you in tackling big problems, like poverty, re-forestation or disaster relief?

Maybe you work for a non-profit organization and donor fatigue is a major concern as you look for sources of funding?

Maybe you have been through a layoff and are looking for someway to make ends meet?

Or maybe you just want to earn a little vacation money by selling a great products to your friends and family?

These are just some of the possibilities for ShareHaus Coffee.

So what do we offer?

We offer access to our coffee roastery through a modern web interface.

World Class Coffee

We only roast your coffee to order. So if you didn't place the order it did not get made.
That's hard to do because it means that we can never hold any roasted inventory. To accomplish this feat, we rely on state-of-the-art software that we wrote ourselves over the last decade of operation.
So... "is it any good?"
No... SPECTACULAR is a better term.

A Scalable Solution to Your Needs 

This isn't an all or nothing deal. You can chose your level of involvement.
Are you looking to run a simple fundraiser for your school or hockey team?
Easy...create a store, and tell your your story & your friends.
Wanna start an empire, that's easy too.
Create your labels & get started. Either way we scale with you at the click of a button.

True Wholesale Pricing

Sounds pricey...Actually, not at all. As one of our vendors you benefit from true wholesale prices that are competitive and fair.
As a consumer you benefit from, industry-standard retail prices. 

How can we do this? As the old saying goes...
but we added "Automation" to the recipe.

Private Label Products Available Too

Your Name

It's your name on the label. It's your tribe to lead and It's your story to tell. We are here to support you, and make it all run like a Swiss watch.

Your Label

Draw your own, or have us help. Start with our template or use our online designer. Either way You're covered for a killer label. 

Your Cause

Your cause is personal and we understand. Regardless of what endeavor you've chosen to support, we've got your back with an infallible social enterprise that you and your community can count on day after day. 

Our Know How

We make coffee to order. That's what we do all day long. We have been doing exactly that for years and years. You can bet that the products we ship out each and every day are world class. 

Our E-Commerce Platform

Our vendor platform takes all the grief out of setting up a store. You enter some basic data about your business and you're off running with your own private coffee company. We've done all the heavy lifting for you. How easy is it? It's as easy as that famous slice of pie.

Our Logistics

We ship everywhere, with great rates and all of the tracking logistics you'd expect from a top-tier international vendor.  Just click and we've already shipped! Done! On to your next task...

why we do it

We do it because, we’ve been there

We have roasted coffee. We have run stores, and we've reached out and received help and support from our own community.

Now it's our turn to give back.

We help by providing an endless source of revenue for anything you and your community need to do.

Whether it's sending your kids to a hockey tournament, generating revenue for medical research, or raising funds for disaster relief.  


We want to bring innovation

The coffee industry has been the same for centuries. We want to bring innovation to your living room, your breakfast table, or maybe your office. There are no limits to where you can take us.

Except maybe your car... we don't want to bring innovation to your car. Probably best just to keep your eyes on the road
and both hands on the wheel. 

The point is that we are bringing the coffee roastery to you! On your phones and tablets and laptops. Regardless of where you are, you can own it & you can take it with you.


What they're saying...

This is what our customers are saying. 

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What you're saying...

We would love to hear about your experience. If you would like to share this is where it all happens.

What was your experience with our products and service like?

Pricing & Plans


You are getting started and looking for an ongoing vehicle for fundraising or a simple business.

Simple, fast and effective start to selling coffee & helping in your community


  • Hassle-free guided setup 
  • Social media connections 
  • Sell up to 4 products on your very own Sharehaus Store
  • Single Order Drop-shipping
  • Bulk Shipping
  • Custom back of bag label
  • Sales reporting & monthly payouts
  • No monthly fees
coffee roaster

You have an established brand and community. Your objective is to monetize your expertise and loyal following while expanding your brand.

Create your own custom private brand & products by selling coffee & helping in your community




  • All Barista Plan features plus:
  • Phone support
  • Access other sales channels
  • Access to custom bags
  • Access to all existing products
  • Create and sell your own blends
  • Access to wholesale program
  • Nightly payouts

Contact Information

Find us here:

48 Jamie Ave, Nepean, Ontario, k2e 6t6, Canada


Phone: 613 761 7788