DECAF Single Origin

Degree Of Roast

Viennese Roast


Fair Trade Coffee

Flavor Intensity

Medium Bold

Flavor Notes and General Comments

A lovely dark roast DECAF that can work well as an espresso. Some floral notes. Swiss Water decaffeination gives a clean flavour and nice bright notes.

Roasted To Order

Of course. It absolutely has to be. You would never buy stale bread. Why drink stale coffee? Roasted-to-Order means that unless you have purchased it, your coffee has not been roasted. It’s just that simple.


Weight N/A

(5Lb Bg), (1Lb Bg – CS 6), (3/4Lb Bg – CS 8), (1Lb Bg), (3/4Lb Bg)


Whole Bean, Fine Grind, Espresso Grind