and own the difference you make

The power of you!

Welcome friend! 

  • Ever wish you could be part of something big and cool?
  • Do you have entrepreneurial urges? 
  • Want to help someone in your community? 

Look no further. You just found ShareHaus Coffee Co.  

Sharehaus Coffee Co
Virtual Artisan Coffee Roastery & Marketplace. 

Be your own coffee company of one. 

We can help you get off the ground and grow by providing you with a retail eco-system that benefits you and your community.

Now you can stop buying major brands that take your money out of your community and support a cause that's dear to you and your friends! 

So what's so great about ShareHaus Coffee ?

Fresher and Tastier

Roast-2-Order is fresher and tastier.

Hey, we don't make it
until you sold it.

Ya! That's right! and If you've been having coffee that's bean shipped from one side of the world to the other and back again, you're in for a treat. You won't believe your taste buds. And you won't be able to go back either. So think about whether you want to start a new habit...

Your money goes to work in your community

Your money has a direct impact on your community, and makes a difference to a cause that you care about. 

Instead of buying junk from overseas why not buy a great product from your neighbor and help him with his pet project. He's out rescuing strays each and every night and he could use your support just like you can use a good cup of Joe. 

You get better service from your friends

Who's going to take care of you better. A multinational corporation or the head of a group that is trying to save a forest from developers? 

Now you can bet on your neighbors and they can bet on you too. That's how communities used to be built before everything went corporate and crazy. 

Ready to get started?

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